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Harmonize & Remediate The Proven DNA Toxic Effect Of 5GEMF! 

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"Turning the invisible into the visible"

Tony Robbins

Worlds Leading Motivational & Business Coach

"I could see and feel immediate results!"

"Crazy insane! B'cuz you can't see it! My cell phone would literally get warm after talking on it for a little while! My head would feel weird! Bad sign!They say "safe"?! What's up with that?! With Cellvation5G that stopped! I'm so excited!"

Jessica Shetterly, VP Online Marketing 

"I always knew the "experts" were not disclosing all the truth about 5G's possible long term health problems. Kinda like, saying your "ex" was healthy too! Lol"

"Like tons of other people, for good reason, I'm skeptical about the "safety" reports that come from the very large companies making the 5G technologies. They always use false negatives! I'm on my phone all the time! Thank you so much for providing a safe-balance to the dangerous cell-power! And free?!"

James Bolden, "JB", Father, Business Owner.

"Finally! I now feel safe about using my cell-phone around my little children!"

"As a father I'm really nervous about any possible health problems that cell radiation might cause to my toddler and pregnant wife. Thanks Cellvation5G, I'm grateful to now be at peace about using todays hi-tech"

Andrew James, new Dad & Club Mngr..

Worlds First Master DNA Bio-Harmonizing, Cell Phone Harmonizer Free!!!

Cellvation5G's Breakthrough Proprietary Slim-Disc Gold-Technology is the absolute must have protection for all 5G, "Ear Buds" & 'Smart' devices. For a limited time, grab your Cell Harmonizers for FREE while they last and share it with everyone you love! Add the must have new Ear Bud and Whole House Smart Meter Harmonizer's too!

  • 4.3 Billion People worldwide now use dangerous cell phone 5G & Wi-fi tech! Everyone MUST use Cellvation5G DNA Harmonizers!

  • Don't EVER, EVER, use an iphone, ipad, wi-fi and smart meter devices without this Harmonizers! NOT EVER!!!

  • Harmonizes Toxic & Chaotic 4, 5 & 6G, Wi-fi & 'Smart' EMF Fields Using Natures Mega Quantum Coherence Plasma Power Field!

  • Cell-Resonant, Bio-Energetic, Gold-Tech Bio-Healing Energy! Tiny 'Med-bed' Power!

  • Instantly Converts, Re-polarizes & Transforms Chaotic EMF Radiation Back Into Natures Powerful Healthy Bio-Energy Fields! (*Note: Nothing "Blocks" Toxic 5G High Ionizing Radiation! Must be reorganized by natures power)

  • Acts like a "lightening rod". Instantly & Powerfully grounding toxic chaotic energy. Harmonizing it back into Nature & The Universes Massive, Abundant & Far Superior Power!

  • Repolarizes negative 5 & 6G, Wi-fi & EMF chaos into natural beneficial energy! 

  • Beyond Tesla! 100,000% Coherent Plasma Energy Restoration! Bio-Photon-Forensic Verified with Tens-of-Thousands of DNA Test Verifications!

  • Extremely Beneficial, Supporting The Body's Natural DNA, Bio-Field!

  • The ONLY Coherent Cell EMF Protection The Bodywhisperer & thousands now personally harmonize and recommend!

  • Beautiful Slim Design easily fits anywhere!

  • Enhances & Strengthens the Body's own Biophoton (bio-light) communications!


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Regularly $69.98 each! Small donation of $12.97 covers shipping and handling in US ($21.95 international). Please Limit 6 per order

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Become a Part of Healing The People of Earth Family!

Let Me Give You A Sneak Peek 

See what's inside the E-book and what topics are covered in depth

    Chapter 1: 5G & The "Pandemic" Connection

  • Health "experts" mysteriously 'forgot' to mention that 5G competes for oxygen within mammalian lung cells in the area immediately around the 5g phone....creating what is known as Hypoxia, or a lower tissue oxygen. Isn't that one major symptom of "Coronavirus"? Conveniently, didn't 5G also roll-out [ first to your children's schools] at the exact same time?!

  • The BodyWhisperer & leading health experts warn, DO NOT EVER USE A CELL-PHONE WITHOUT IT!!!

  • DNA insults such as 5G 60 cycle EMF's are at an all time high and our DNA is no longer able to cope! Virtually all illnesses and infections are on the rise while the medical collapse accelerates. No answers till NOW! 

  • The Bodywhisperer reveals that 5G EMF technology increases virtually all bacterial, parasitic and fungal tenacity. In other words your cell phone is making you sicker and all the infectious bugs harder to kill! The "ex"-pert's call it the "C" word!

    Chapter 2: 5G & DNA Damage

  • No mammilian life can handle the long term effects of 5G EMF toxicity.

  • Cell phones & towers create a 5G degrading extinction level health event.

  • The combination of Poor Nutrition, 5G, Environmental & Medical Toxins, Radiation, "Control" of "flow" of Infectious "diseases", Vaccine super-toxicity and humanity is now set for extinction level reproductive & rapid aging crisis!

  • Equip & strengthen yourself now!

  • My people are perishing for lack of knowledge!

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    Jana Millner, TX  Life, Relationship & Health Coach

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Worlds Greatest EMF Experts warn:

“There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any organic (living) systems able to withstand such a violent, destructive (5G) power for any extended period of time, not even in the low energy range of milliwatts… This is how microwave cooking & cell phone heat is generated – friction from this violence in water molecules. Structures (your DNA) of molecules are torn apart, molecules are forcefully deformed (called structural isomerism) and thus become impaired in quality.”

Hans Hertel, Swiss Scientist, Discusses EMF

The Value Of Our Health Gifts To You Is Limitless!

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I know there are some websites or businesses that offer you something free that's just "too good to be true", but then asks you to buy piles of additional products in order to fully utilize your freebie. Well, this isn't one of those websites, and I'm not going to stick you with any program. I'm offering this because I genuinely want you and your loved ones to be safe from chaotic 5g energies and in harmony with nature! Together we can reduce the increasing "approved" insults on your DNA! All we ask, SHARE it with everyone!    The HealingStorm is coming!!!  

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Dr. Robert Marshall

"The Greatest Healing Nutritionist in the last Century"!  We are beings of light and "The body's natural bio-photonic DNA field is under unprecedented assault with today's cell phone and other toxic, chaotic & unseen energetic super-toxins".

  • The DNA is under 100,000's insults per day!

  • The protection that will bless you!

  • The only Cell Harmonizer that passed the exquisite, rigorous DNA Bio-Forensic testing!

  • Brain cancer has quadrupled in only a decade! Not too smart!

  • Fertility rates are dropping off a cliff! 

  • Do you hear this, are we still breathing? Do it for your future generations!

Who Is 'The Great Cellvation5G Health Challenge' For?!

Cellvation5G is now Freely available to the World ! Everyone who desires true Health & Wellness! 

  • Instantly Reorganizes/Repolarizes Into Beneficial Subtle Energies!

  • Strengthens & Benefits The Biofield & Environmental Energies!

  • Improves Both Energy & Sleep!

  • Manifests Positive Benefits To DNA

  • Improves Circulation & Nutrient Uptake!

  • Balances Brain & Nerves

  • Increases Cell, Mitochondria & All Co-ordinated Phases of Energy!

  • Improves Immunity & Cells integrity!

  • Physics has proven him right! The Bodywhisper challenges the world to prove him wrong...

  • I've Never Seen or Heard of Any Cell Harmonizer Like This!

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    "This is an amazing and helpful way for each of us to take our health into our own hands and not leave it to the "experts" or big companies that always tell you it's "safe"!

    Dr. Randall Todd, Ca. Professor.

    "I see results..."

    "I felt my sleep rythms gently returning to normal and better sleep helped  improve my skin"

    Shelly Dash, Model, Health nut!

    "This is so useful!"

    "With my new Cellvation5G  I feel grounded, like I'm on the beach all the time"

    Mar, Marketing Tech, Thebodywhisperer.health.

    Any Questions? Click on the Questions...

    What makes Cellvation the best protection?

    Your Body's DNA is the most exquisite, go to health expert! All other "experts" are just guessing! Why?! Because the body's DNA knows virtually everything about you! We perfected a way to listen to your body's co-ordinated talk (Your DNA) and it's called "Biophoton Forensics". The DNA chose Cellvation5G over virtually all other so called, cell "protectors"! 

    Can You Detail The DNA a Bit More?

    The DNA is the body's master organizer, coordinator and communicator. Your DNA talks with light. DNA biophotons are the most abundant & coherent light in the entire universe, directing & coordinating virtually all the body's traffic, healing, immunity, even memory, doing it all at virtually the same time! This bio-talk is done via Bio-photons. This Bio-photonic/light talks through your water, which is about 98% of your body, in molecular numbers. This body-talk is extremely sensitive and vulnerable to injury and aging from chaotic & toxic energies, like 5-G & Wi-fi radiation. Where your DNA goes, your health also goes!

    Wow, such a slim convenient design?!

    Unbelievable power comes in this small package! We have really done it this time! Decades of integrating both ancient and modern sciences, ongoing research and the release of Cellvation5G! So slim and easy to place anywhere. Under your cell-phone case, laptop, 5G Wi-Fi. See Our New "Smartmeter" Panel and Earbud Harmonizers! This thing is like a jelly donut, the goodness is concentrated in the middle with Our Proprietary "Gold-Tech".

    Why free when others sell for up to $300

    The BodyWhisperer has tested thousands of other supplements and dozens of the "best" protectors. He says' "it's all garbage and comparable to America's fast-food and failing healthcare"! Junk! Don't use a cellphone without it! He insists! This is such a critical time in global health and healing! He said, you must give it away! His mission is to "Heal The World, One At A Time". Our mission is to provide healing opportunity for everyone!

    What about other cell blockers?

    The Bodywhisperer explains, "Cell phone and other 5G, radiation emitting chaos cannot be blocked, period". After testing tens of thousands of the "best" products, we have concluded that America's supplement and health industries are nearly in as dismal condition as it's medical and fast food model. Abject failures! Walk, no run away!" 

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Yes ! I Want My Free Celvation5G

    The Cellvation5G Story...           A Healing Storm Is Coming!

    "With global (ist) driven health insults rapidly increasing, the health of my people is now failing. Listen! Insults to your DNA strand, photons, mitochondria, telomeres, cells and body are now at an all time high, while birth rates are collapsing in ALL western nations! Haven't you figured this out yet?! Ex these "experts"! It's time that someone listens and acts! It's time for a major Healing Storm!" 

    We've been listening to your bodies own DNA for a long, long time! We believe it's time to listen! The high paid "experts" are still endlessly talking (ad nauseum), all while you're getting sicker. So, who's listening? Another x-ray, vial of blood, cut, smear, "study", slash, burn & drugs! More tissue here or expensive new worthless "test-scan" (scam) there?! A slew of new drugs to take?! To do what with?! To Heal you?! C'mon, these "experts" always ignore, allow and turn a blind eye to the increasing amounts of radiation, stealthy sub-clinical infections and myriads of other super environmental toxins, as just "fine", even "safe & normal". How's your health really doing?! These "experts" act as if the myriads of DNA injuring infections, toxins, vaccines and insults don't have anything to do with your illnesses". It's all in your mind, try anti-depressants, right?! 


    Your DNA is the master organizer of all the body's talk. Your DNA knows everything about you, past & present! It's the better than laser precise, air-traffic control tower of all your body's cells. Today's talking "experts" are mostly influenced by behind the scenes massive money and bought and paid for junk "science", marketed as "healthy" & "safe", via endless media images and well paid "expert" talking heads. We're so over it! How about you?! Our journey is to exist within what's real, not create false "health" narratives, then sell more junk science and massive toxic pharma drugs, which no one truly needs or wants. True science affirms us! (Sciences Link) The greatest science exists in harmony & balance throughout creation, the entire universe and your DNA.        

    Our body's DNA is governed by plasma, called Bio-photons. This perfect light chatters through your water. Your DNA-light communicates & directs far beyond the speed of light. So while listening to the DNA, we rigorously gathered and endlessly tested myriads of powerful, proprietary, natural, instantly harmonizing, rare earth & space materials, exhaustively testing them within the DNA's Bio-field. We tested until we found the perfect materials, the exact molecular & photon alignments, which would harmonize the spectrum of chaotic, toxic radiation EMF's, instantly returning them back into the beneficial, coherent forms of natures plasma energy!    

                  We did it, Cellvation5G!

    Get The Word Out! "A Healing Storm Is Coming!"

    The Bodywhisperer

    Raphael Conquista
    Healing The World

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